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Vehicle Tracking Project

This page is the home to Bellingcat's vehicle tracking project related to the Ukraine conflict. The primary purpose of this project is to track movements of Russian military equipment that might be related to the Ukraine conflict, by collecting sightings from social media into a database which can be mined for new insights.

We encourage submissions of new material and proposed corrections through CheckdeskThe Bellingcat team maintains and updates the data on this site. 

To stay up to date on the latest developments or for submitting your comments, please tweet with the tag #PutinAtWar.

Please consider this site as Beta quality, as we'll probably change things around a bit as we learn more how to optimally structure the data.

Locations of the latest 20 added sightings

Page Title
Equipment Category
Reference Location
[1320] Luhansk: Shark BTR-802015/02/28BTRsUkraine, Luhanska Oblast, Luhansk
[1319] Unknown location: shark BTR-802015/02/15BTRs-
[1318] Luhansk: 'Mamai' with shark BTR-802015/05/08BTRsUkraine, Luhanska Oblast, Luhansk
[1317] Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: Uragans and trucks2014/11/20UraganRussia, Rostov Oblast, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
[1316] Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: BTRs2014/04/25BTRsRussia, Rostov Oblast, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
[1315] Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: MT-LBs and trucks on a train2014/03/16MT-LBsTrucksRussia, Rostov Oblast, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
[1314] Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: Trucks, BTR2015/02/10TrucksBTRsRussia, Rostov Oblast, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
[1313] Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: Gvozdikas, other vehicles in a camp2014/08/21GvozdikaMT-LBRussia, Rostov Oblast, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
[1311] Luhansk: Trucks and BMPs on trailers2014/11/19TrucksBMPsTrailersUkraine, Luhansk
[1310] Donetsk: Grad convoy, some with "РБ"2015/01/23GradsUkraine, Donetsk
[1309] Donetsk: Trucks2014/10/23TrucksUkraine, Donetsk
[1308] Makeevka: Trucks2014/11/09TrucksUkraine, Makeevka
[1307] Makeevka: Trucks and tanks in various locations2014/11/12TrucksMBTsArtilleryZU-23-2Ukraine, Makeevka
[1306] Donetsk: Convoy of tanks on trailers2014/11/10TrucksMBTsGvozdikasTrailersUkraine, Donetsk
[1305] Donetsk: Tank, BMP, Truck2015/03/20MBTsTrucksBMPsUkraine, Donetsk
[1304] Donetsk: T-72s, Trucks2015/01/29MBTsTrucksUkraine, Donetsk
[1303] Donetsk: Grad, Trucks, Artillery2014/08/05GradsTrucksArtilleryUkraine, Donetsk
[1301] Russian Donetsk: BTR2014/11/29BTRsRussia, Donetsk
[1300] Krasnodon: TOR2014/09/05TorUkraine, Luhanska Oblast, Krasnodon
[1299] VICE Dispatch 962015/02/22GvozdikaMT-LBTrucksArtilleryUkraine, Debaltseve

Overview map of latest 50 sightings in the database, grouped by reference location.

Latest 20 sightings by date

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